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Ped Lite has been in business since 2006 supplying high quality custom and prefabricated (heat moldable) inserts to the diabetic industry. All of their products are SADMERC/PDAC approved. Sole Support Medical is proud to offer a full-line of Ped-Lite shoes for both men and women.

      tn_shoe_adele_austin_blk_velcro     tn_shoe_adele_austin_blk_lace

      tn_shoe_adele_austin_wh_velcro   tn_shoe_adele_austin_wh_lace

The Adele, for women, and the Austin, for men, is a fully lined athletic shoe. It has 6/16″ of extra depth.

      tn_shoe_oliver_tan_velcro   tn_shoe_oliver_tan_lace

      tn_shoe_oliver_dark_velcro   tn_shoe_oliver_dark_lace

The all leather Oliver boat shoe has extra depth and hides ¼ ” in the sole….giving it the appearance of a “true” boat shoe”.

      tn_shoe_michael_velcro   tn_shoe_michael_lace

The Micheal is a male canvas boat shoe. Built on the same outsole as the Oliver, providing the same depth and comfort.

      tn_shoe_lydia_velcro   tn_shoe_lydia_lace

The Lydia is a female white mesh athletic shoe that is light as a feather.

      tn_shoe_taylor   tn_shoe_amy

The Taylor is light weight, fully lined and is  made of washable Lycra.

The Amy is a contemporary female athletic shoe with a unique strap and stretchy vamp for swelling feet.

      tn_shoe_debbie   tn_shoe_sandy

The Debbie is a casual Mary Jane with stretchy mesh construction giving wonderful comfort for all kinds of feet.

The Sandy is a sporty sandal that adjusts in two locations next to the heel to allow for all sizes of heels.